So What is Junk?

January 20th, 2013

The word junk can mean many things to many different people – garbage, useless items, trash. It can also conjure up a variety of images – old, broken items and things that have no value. But junk can be so much more.

The junk in your home might be old newspapers, mail, and magazines that seem to have a life of their own – cluttering up your counter tops and filling up your home. To others, junk might be boxes of things they’ve kept and stored away, but now they’re moving and don’t know how they possibly will dispose of everything.

Some people might even have junk taking over their professional lives. Their offices might be cluttered and filled with useless things that no one wants to sort through and throw away. All of this “junk” might seem unnecessary, and it should be easy to sort through and get rid of, but that’s not always the case.

At Jurassic Junk, we pride ourselves in helping people dispose of the junk in their lives. Whether it’s residential or commercial, moving in, moving out or just finally emptying out that garage, we can help.<!> De-junking your life is just a phone call or click away! Your Junk. Extinct.

I’m truly blown away by your company. Your team was prompt, polite, and professional. They gave me a clear explanation of your services and fees and did everything I was hoping for! Keep up the great work! Kristin Murphy,
Seven Fields, PA

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As an Environmentally Responsible Company, we partner
with these and other companies to donate discarded items.
Goodwill Industries The Salvation Army Vietnam Veterans of America