Transforming from overwhelmed to organized

Everyone has that drawer, cabinet or shelf that is the designated “junk drawer.”  This is where things get thrown and forgotten, and this drawer is usually in such a mess that it overwhelms you to think about – let alone actually clean and organize!  Well, not to fear because Jurassic Junk is here to help you go from overwhelmed to organized in just three steps!

1. The first and most important thing to do is empty out that junk drawer. When we say, “empty it out,” we mean empty it out – of everything. Clear it out and clean it out! You’ll be amazed by how much stuff can be crammed and stuffed into such a small space. Line everything you have out on your counter or on your table and then go through everything. Throw away the inevitable trash, garbage and junk mail that has accumulated and then go through the other pieces of paper, expired coupons, etc. that was stored in your drawer.

2. Organize, sort and put things in their proper place. If there are things in your drawer that you want to keep, but that don’t belong there – a makeup brush, a screwdriver, etc. – then put it back where it belongs. This should leave the things that are supposed to be in the drawer. It’s then time to organize these things into neat piles – a good suggestion is to organize things by category (rubber bands in one area, extra buttons, stamps, etc.).

3. Put everything back in your drawer. Consider purchasing an inexpensive organizing tray to keep those odds and ends in place, with each section dedicated to a specific category. Another suggestion that we found (and love!) is utilizing an old ice tray to organize those little things like paper clips and safety pins.

After that, voila you are done! The next time you pull out your drawer you will feel satisfied and amazed about how easy it is to find what you are looking for! Enjoy!

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Thank you for picking up my heavy item today. You guys are the best. Sandy Page,
Gibsonia, PA

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