Keep It Simple – Festive Decorating Ideas

So it’s the holiday season (in case you haven’t noticed), and decorating can be a challenge. With lights, ornaments, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, etc. – this time of year can be overwhelming, and it can be an organizational nightmare. But don’t worry, Jurassic Junk can help! We’ve research some ideas, and we want to help you organize and decorate your home in style for the holidays. Below are some tips to help!

Challenge: Too many ornaments – Solution: Consider a theme
Do you get caught up in the rows along rows of ornaments, snowmen, lights and stockings? Well, decorating can be a decision-making nightmare, so it’s a good idea to consider a theme. Ask yourself important questions, do you like bold statements? Or do you go towards soft and serene? Whether it’s sparkly snowflakes or homemade popcorn and cranberry decorations – it’s up to you, but remember, keep it simple and stick to your theme!

Challenge: Old versus new – Solution: Find the right balance
it can be hard letting go of old decorations because they have sentimental value. What makes it worse is that your house will become overcrowded and messy when you start buying more and more things with no place for them. So what should you do? Find the right balance between the old things you love and the new things you want. Take it slow, and go through your decorations one by one. Throw away those that are broken or that you no longer use. Another tip, it’s always a good idea to sort through your decorations before and after the holidays.

Challenge: No space – Solution: Make the most out of what you have
Space can be a challenge. Yes, that 6.5 foot tree might look magnificent, but if you don’t have room, then you don’t have room. Don’t overcrowd the limited space, instead decorate for your room. A lot of decorations come in a miniature sized versions. Get creative and decorate for the space you have!

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