De-Clutter Your Pantry with the Help of Jurassic Junk

Do you want a snack, then you go to open your pantry and feel immediately overwhelmed? Did you just get back from the grocery store with a box of oatmeal just to find that you already have three unopened boxes? If this sounds like you and your pantry, then let Jurassic Junk help! We’ve compiled three easy steps to organize, de-clutter and keep you pantry manageable. Remember, it’s important to maintain this progress and keep up with the steps in order to keep your pantry clean and organized!

1. Toss it. This is usually the first step in a lot of our posts. The reason why is that in order to organize and de-clutter, it’s very important to toss and get rid of unnecessary things. For your pantry, it’s important to toss anything that is stale, expired, moldy, infested – well you get the idea. Once you get rid of all that clutter, you should be left with familiar items that you use on a weekly basis. If something is left over, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Why in the world did I buy that?” – well then toss that too!

2. Love your list. Lists are so important when it comes to grocery shopping. Without them, you will be left wandering the aisles and making impulse buys left and right. When you are making your grocery list, go through your pantry and make sure that you actually need those items. If you already seemed stocked up on something, there is no reason to buy more – it just causes clutter and takes up space. Remember, you don’t want to overcrowd because that leads to inefficiency and frustration.

3. Say no to the clutter foods. Clutter foods are things that you pick up but never use. It’s the “Oh, I really should get one more box of granola, even though I already have two boxes at home.” You might think that you can never have to much granola, oatmeal, mac and cheese, etc., but trust us you can! If you notice that you are stocking up on items, and then later you are throwing them away, without even being opened, then cross it off your list because you obviously don’t need it!

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Thank you for picking up my heavy item today. You guys are the best. Sandy Page,
Gibsonia, PA

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