Moving? Jurassic Junk has you covered!

October 21st, 2011

Did you know, every year, one in five American families makes a move? While moving to a new place can be an exciting adventure, the moving process can be one of life’s most stressful events. Whether you are full of anticipation, feeling overwhelmed or just anxious to get the move over with, Jurassic Junk has complied a list of tips to make the moving day experience organized and a little easier!

1. Put paperwork in its place. Invest in a binder with pocket dividers. Place all important paperwork (i.e.: moving documents, transcripts, directions, etc.) in the binder and keep it somewhere safe. That way, when moving day comes you have all your pertinent paperwork in one place!

2. Toss the trash. Moving is a great time to seize the opportunity and throw away items that you no longer use or want. Be critical. If you haven’t used it in years, can’t fit into it, or it’s broken – then it would probably be better off in the trash rather than junking up your new home!

3. Pack properly. It’s twice as hard to find things after you move if nothing is label or packed properly. Create a floor plan of your home, and utilize this as a reference for when you unpack. For example if you label your kitchen “Room A” on your floor plan, then mark boxes with kitchen appliances, utensils, etc like “A – Silverware.”  Another good idea is to pack a box labeled “We’re Here.” This box should contain the items that you will need your first day and night in your new home, like: kids’ special toys, dog/cat food, paper plates for take out, etc.

If you need help cleaning out your home before you move, Jurassic Junk can help! Our experts specialize in residential and commercial moving. Contact us today! Your Junk. Extinct.

Personalized Tips for Left and Right-Brainers!

October 6th, 2011

Organizing for Left-Brainers
Okay, so you took the quiz, you found out you’re a “left-brainer,” but what does it all really mean? Well, left-brainers crave designated locations for everything. Because you like to sort, keep things out of sight and prefer neatly stacked boxes, things with compartments, a set of drawers or nice stackable boxes would be optimal for you!

You might think that categorizing and organizing things by date, type of event, etc. is a bit extreme, but not for a left-brainer like you! Feed your urge for extreme order. It will leave you feel organized and satisfied!

Organizing for Right-Brainers
“Right-brainers,” so what if you can’t adhere to strict organizational rules? Forget about it! It’s just not your style, and that’s okay! You’re “keep it neat and clean” plan should revolve around your creative, emotional pull.

Some tips for you right-brainers – use containers, boxes, etc. that are lovely and creative. Also, it’s important to be aware of your clutter patterns. Are you the type of person so take off a necklace in the bathroom before bed, and then leave it laying on the sink for days? If so, maybe it’s time to place a hook near your sink where you can keep everything organized and de-cluttered.

Remember, if it works for you – well, that’s the most important!

I was very pleased with the service I received from Jurassic Junk. I was able to schedule at a time convenient for me. They were very respectful of my home when taking furniture out of my house. I plan to use them again and will happily share my experience with friends and neighbors. Janet Frings

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