3 Great Tips to Organizing Your Child’s Room

August 25th, 2011

It’s the end of August, which means back to school, which means back to homework, after-school activities, birthday parties, and the start of the holiday season! Which means, now is the time to get your child’s room clean and organized. So Jurassic Junk has complied 3 great tips to help you clean, de-clutter and organize your child’s room!

1. Sort, store and simplify! Children’s rooms are hard to keep clean. There are usually piles of clothes, toys, toys and more toys, and to make things worse a general lack of storage space. A great idea is to sort, store and simplify. First pick a category, let’s say clothes, and sort through them. Organize them into neat piles, and then store out-of-season clothes. Also remember to simplify during the process. Does your child really need 56 t-shirts, or the jeans that he/she outgrew 3 years ago? If not toss them out, or donate them!

2. Label, label, label! Did we mention it’s important to label? Well, when it comes to keeping your child’s room clean, long-term, then labels are a lifesaver. Label where things belong, label drawers and label the storage boxes. If you have a young child, add a picture to the label (it will also help them learn some words!). During clean up time, you can turn it into a game of match the toy with the label!

3. Develop a routine! Developing and maintaining a routine will help your child keep his/her room clean on a day-to-day basis. During the morning, make it known that you expect your child to make his/her bed, put any pillows, stuffed animals, etc. where they belong, and put dirty clothes in the hamper. In the evening, continue the routine with putting away toys, books or games, organizing their schoolbooks, homework or projects for the morning and then getting ready for bed!

Ready or not, autumn is fast approaching! So now is the time to get organized for a new season and a new school year!

Organizing the Estate

August 19th, 2011

The death of a loved one is never easy, and there are always many things to do as you try to grieve. One of the hardest things to do is organizing and clearing out the belongings. This can be a long and painstaking process because each item might bring back a certain memory or hold some special meaning. Below we would like to give you a few helpful suggestions on how to organize the process.

Utilize the ABC Approach: This approach designed by authors, John W. James and Frank Cherry, tells you to categorize items.

  • Pile A is items you and your family members would like to keep. These items tend to be very sentimental in nature including: jewelry, pictures, furniture items, etc.
  • Pile B is items that you are planning on discarding, which could include: old clothing, stored newspapers and magazines, etc. Also in Pile B can be items that you would like to donate to a local charity, which could include household items that no one in your family needs, but that someone else might be able to use.
  • Pile C is items that you are indecisive about.

After you separate your items into different piles it is important to take action. The items in Pile A should be divided up accordingly and then taken out of the home and into the new owner’s possession. The items in Pile B should either be taken out to the trash or donated to a local charity. And finally the items in Pile C should be organized and placed in storage until you can revisit and sort through those items at a later time.

Remember that as you are going through this process it’s okay to take your time, to take small breaks, and to take a moment to remember a special memory that an item brings up or just to grieve.

Clearing out a loved one’s space is a long and difficult process. If you find that there is just too much stuff to go through, contact Jurassic Junk today to learn how we can help you with the removal of unwanted items. We can also take large furniture and appliances, and we will donate them to local charities. Jurassic Junk has a knowledgeable staff that can help you with this difficult process. And as always: Your Junk. Extinct.

Cluttered versus Clean

August 2nd, 2011

Did you know that a cluttered home makes you feel stressed, anxious and tired? Well it’s true! Think about it, you wake up in the morning to a cluttered room, and it just stresses you out. Then, you’re ready to head out the door when you realize you can’t find your keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. You leave your house feeling tired and anxious, and you’re day hasn’t even started yet!

Creating a clean, happy, clutter-free home isn’t effortless because it’s so easy to let that stack of junk mail, pile of magazines, or closet full of unwanted clothes pile up. But in order to control your clutter, you need to look at cleaning as maintenance for home. Let’s take a quick look at cluttered versus clean.

A cluttered home, apartment, office, etc. makes you feel:

  • Tired and hopeless because let’s face it, a cluttered space is psychology draining, and after awhile it just becomes just too much. We feel overwhelmed, and we just can’t handle it.
  • Out of control because all that stuff you buy or save just keeps growing and growing. Take the time and sort through your treasures and trash.

On the other hand, a clean home can:

  • Give you a sense of calm and relaxation. Just think of how it would feel to walk into a clean foyer, kitchen, or bedroom.
  • Actually make you feel healthier because all that junk that has accumulated also means more dirt and dust.

If you need professional help de-cluttering and cleaning out your space, then Jurassic Junk is here to help, and as always: Your Junk. Extinct.

I was very impressed with the service I received from Jurassic Junk Removal. They scheduled a prompt pick-up, kept to their quoted price, and were very polite and efficient. I would definitley use them again! Sue Breedlove,
Gibsonia, PA

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