Get Organized for Halloween

October is the month where ghouls, goblins and ghosts come out to play. It’s also when your house gets overrun with candy, decorations and costumes. If you want to be organized this Halloween season, below are some tips for a festive, organized home!

1. Go through your Halloween decorations. Now that you’re getting your home decorated for Halloween, it’s a good time to actually sort through your Halloween bin. Toss away the broken items and donate ones that never get used.

2. Only put out what you have room for. Okay so you love to decorate, that’s great, but cramming items onto shelves, counter tops, fireplaces, etc. will leave your rooms looking cluttered and messy. Designate where you want to place your favorite items. If you realize there are a lot of decorations you no longer need or use, go back to step one and purge your old, unwanted decorations!

3. Buy it if you need it. Let’s say that last year you broke your favorite pumpkin that you put on your windowsill. It’s okay to go out and replace it. But as your walking through the aisles of Halloween decorations and start feeling tempted by that black cat or candy dish, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Actually try to visualize where you would place the item in your home. If your having a hard time thinking of a place, leave it on the shelf.

4. Put everything back where it belongs. After Halloween has come and gone, consider storing the items in containers – one for inside decorations and one for outside decorations. Clearly mark what is inside each bin on a piece of paper, and then tape it to the outside of the bin. This will make it easier for next year!

5. One last tip, as your putting away your decorations, take the time to go through them once again. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is it broken or damaged?
  • Did it have a place to be displayed this year?
  • Do I love it? Does my family love it?

If the decoration passed the test, then wrap it up and put it away. If you have pictures of your house decorated for Halloween, we’d love to see them! Visit our Facebook page and post them to our wall!

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