Different Types of Clutter

Clutter – it seems to come from nowhere. It can manifest itself for different reasons and in many different ways. When you are trying to tackle clutter it is important to know the different types of clutter, and then you can be more successful in clearing out and organizing your space

1. Guilty Clutter – This type of clutter is usually associated with a gift from a friend, family member or co-worker. You think to yourself “But my best friend gave it to me, I can’t throw it away.”

  • What’s important to you remember is even if you give or throw away something that a special person gave to you, well it doesn’t make them less special or take away the sentiment of the gift.

2. Mourning Clutter: This type of clutter is stuff that a family member, friend, neighbor, etc. gave to you, and now you feel guilty about throwing it away because that person is deceased.

  • Think of the clutter this way, if it’s something you can’t use or you don’t need then it’s better off being thrown or given away. The person in your life, who left it to you, won’t be offended, and if you can give it to someone who truly needs it, well that’s worth more than letting it sit and collect dust in your home.

3. Sentimental Clutter: This type of clutter might consist of old trophies, stuffed animals, toys, broken items – well you get the picture. These are items that you don’t use, but you keep them around because they bring back a memory and have been around forever (even if it’s been pushed to the back of a closet).

  • Does this stuff really mean that much to you? If it is an old trophy or picture, and you really love it, then put it on display. If you have a box full of old toys or gadgets that you’ve never looked at again, then it’s time to throw or give them away. If you want to keep the memories, then take a picture, or find a picture of you playing with those toys or using those gadgets.

4. “I’m going to use this…someday” Clutter: This is the type of clutter that just builds and builds because you plan on using it…only it’s always another day.

  • With this type of clutter you need to be really honest with yourself. Are you REALLY ever going to use this item? Don’t make up a time that you might need it, instead think of when and how you would actually use it. If nothing comes to mind, or you realize you might not need it, then toss it – right now!

If you need help with the junk in your life, then call Jurassic Junk today! And remember to check back next week, when we give you helpful tips on clearing out the space of a deceased loved one.

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