“In Pictures: Inside A Hoarder’s World”

February 27th, 2011

According to WTAE’s Wendy Bell, “25 million Americans suffer from Hoarding “.  Here’s an inside look inside a hoarder’s world. 

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Get the most out of your space

February 16th, 2011

Do you have a lot of stuff, but no where to put it? Instead of letting things pile up, organize your space and decorate it at the same time with these 5 tips!

1. Use your ottoman for more than just resting your feet. An ottoman is a great little piece to add to your living room. It’s where you can relax, kick off your shoes and put up your feet. The trick is to pick an ottoman that also has storage space inside. This is a wonderful place to store your collection of magazines, DVDs, or even out-of-season shoes!

2. “Floating” furniture makes for a unique and beautiful floor plan, but that’s valuable space behind your sofa, and now it’s empty. Not so fast! Place a slim glass-top console behind your sofa, and you can use it as a desk, or decorate it to add some extra flair to your room.

3. Does your kitchen lack proper storage space for your pots and pans? No worries. Consider hanging a line of hooks close to the ceiling to organize them. Another great idea is mounting a magnetic strip to the wall as a resting place for knives.

4. Do you need extra storage space? Well why not buy a filing cabinet or storage bin for your living room. Sounds ugly right? Wrong. Measure the  length and width of your new storage space, and buy some attractive fabric to cover it up! It’s a great way to add a little flair to your rooms. If you don’t want to buy a new filing cabinet, cover an end table that you have, and store things under there.

5. Be savvy with your storage space! Have a bookshelf that’s only half-filled? Why not fill those other shelves with pictures, decorative boxes (extra storage), magazines and DVD’s. Remember, don’t cram the shelves, leave some breathing room. And add your own personal style by adding some punch with colorful and attractive accessories.

Jurassic Junk Removal Partners with RSVP

February 15th, 2011

Jurassic Junk Removal is proud to have partnered with RSVP Publications to offer some great savings in time for all of your Spring Cleaning Adventures! So keep an eye on your mailbox for your RSVP Coupon Pack. We’d look forward to hearing from you soon and would greatly appreciate your business.

Get Organized for Halloween

February 14th, 2011

October is the month where ghouls, goblins and ghosts come out to play. It’s also when your house gets overrun with candy, decorations and costumes. If you want to be organized this Halloween season, below are some tips for a festive, organized home!

1. Go through your Halloween decorations. Now that you’re getting your home decorated for Halloween, it’s a good time to actually sort through your Halloween bin. Toss away the broken items and donate ones that never get used.

2. Only put out what you have room for. Okay so you love to decorate, that’s great, but cramming items onto shelves, counter tops, fireplaces, etc. will leave your rooms looking cluttered and messy. Designate where you want to place your favorite items. If you realize there are a lot of decorations you no longer need or use, go back to step one and purge your old, unwanted decorations!

3. Buy it if you need it. Let’s say that last year you broke your favorite pumpkin that you put on your windowsill. It’s okay to go out and replace it. But as your walking through the aisles of Halloween decorations and start feeling tempted by that black cat or candy dish, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Actually try to visualize where you would place the item in your home. If your having a hard time thinking of a place, leave it on the shelf.

4. Put everything back where it belongs. After Halloween has come and gone, consider storing the items in containers – one for inside decorations and one for outside decorations. Clearly mark what is inside each bin on a piece of paper, and then tape it to the outside of the bin. This will make it easier for next year!

5. One last tip, as your putting away your decorations, take the time to go through them once again. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is it broken or damaged?
  • Did it have a place to be displayed this year?
  • Do I love it? Does my family love it?

If the decoration passed the test, then wrap it up and put it away. If you have pictures of your house decorated for Halloween, we’d love to see them! Visit our Facebook page and post them to our wall!

Different Types of Clutter

February 12th, 2011

Clutter – it seems to come from nowhere. It can manifest itself for different reasons and in many different ways. When you are trying to tackle clutter it is important to know the different types of clutter, and then you can be more successful in clearing out and organizing your space

1. Guilty Clutter – This type of clutter is usually associated with a gift from a friend, family member or co-worker. You think to yourself “But my best friend gave it to me, I can’t throw it away.”

  • What’s important to you remember is even if you give or throw away something that a special person gave to you, well it doesn’t make them less special or take away the sentiment of the gift.

2. Mourning Clutter: This type of clutter is stuff that a family member, friend, neighbor, etc. gave to you, and now you feel guilty about throwing it away because that person is deceased.

  • Think of the clutter this way, if it’s something you can’t use or you don’t need then it’s better off being thrown or given away. The person in your life, who left it to you, won’t be offended, and if you can give it to someone who truly needs it, well that’s worth more than letting it sit and collect dust in your home.

3. Sentimental Clutter: This type of clutter might consist of old trophies, stuffed animals, toys, broken items – well you get the picture. These are items that you don’t use, but you keep them around because they bring back a memory and have been around forever (even if it’s been pushed to the back of a closet).

  • Does this stuff really mean that much to you? If it is an old trophy or picture, and you really love it, then put it on display. If you have a box full of old toys or gadgets that you’ve never looked at again, then it’s time to throw or give them away. If you want to keep the memories, then take a picture, or find a picture of you playing with those toys or using those gadgets.

4. “I’m going to use this…someday” Clutter: This is the type of clutter that just builds and builds because you plan on using it…only it’s always another day.

  • With this type of clutter you need to be really honest with yourself. Are you REALLY ever going to use this item? Don’t make up a time that you might need it, instead think of when and how you would actually use it. If nothing comes to mind, or you realize you might not need it, then toss it – right now!

If you need help with the junk in your life, then call Jurassic Junk today! And remember to check back next week, when we give you helpful tips on clearing out the space of a deceased loved one.

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Coming Soon!

February 9th, 2011

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but our blog isn’t!  It’ll be “live” next week!  Thanks for your patience. – The Jurassic Junk Team

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No autographs, please ;)

February 5th, 2011

Based on our recent interview, please keep an eye out for an upcoming North Hills Monthly Magazine article to learn how Jurassic Junk Removal is helping our neighbors, communities & Mother Nature herself!

Left-Brained versus Right-Brained

February 3rd, 2011

The way we order things is individual preference; however, some minds are built to have things neat and tidy, while others take a more scattered but visual approach.

Research has shown that right-brain types are visually oriented. They tend to think based on images, not words, and they focus on the big picture rather than the details – it’s a more scattered approach. Left-brain types think based on words – making lists, planning in advance and approaching challenges in a rational way.

So why not utilize this information and organize based on your personality? That way, you can begin to organize in a way that suits your needs and conforms to your style! Below is a test to see if you’re a lefty or a righty!

Read each statement below. If it applies to you, circle the number.

1. I put away items immediately after I’m finished using them.
2. I love vibrant colors and being surrounded by them.
3. From a work of art to room design, I prefer symmetry.
4. I try to move my furniture around a few times a year. Sticking to the same old gets boring!
5. I’m a party planner extraordinaire according to my family and friends.
6. I must keep current projects where I can see them.
7. I have a designated spot in my closet and drawers for each item I own.
8. I often browse multiple windows at once when I am on my computer.
10. When it comes to major purchases, I rely on my instincts rather than doing research.
11. I tend to wear the same jewelry everyday.
12. If someone needs directions, I’m more comfortable drawing a map than giving verbal directions.
13. If I find a dish I like at a restaurant, I will order it overtime I go there.
14. I often drive with the “empty” light flashing.
15. I always have my shopping list when I go to the grocery store.
16. I have a lot of knickknacks around my house.
17. I like to have my books, CDs, and DVDs in order so I can easily find that I’m looking for.
18. On my desk are piles of papers, notes, business cards, etc.
19. I feel guilty if I don’t follow the rules when I play games.
20. I’m fine with last-minute changes.

Okay, now it’s time to count up the odd and even numbers you’ve circled. More odd numbers means you’re a left-brainer. If you’re an even kind of person, then you’re a righty at heart. If you have a equal spilt, then a mix of organizing systems will work for you!

Check back this week, where we will go into detail on organizing for left-brain and right-brain types!

*Quiz courtesy of Real Simple.

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